Brinkman has planted well over a billion trees across Canada since 1970.

Almost half a century ago, Dirk Brinkman traveled west to test his mettle in the B.C. wilderness. After a few years of lumberjacking, he and a group of friends won one of the first tree planting contracts in Canada opting to plant trees instead. Those saplings have grown up fast, and once he and co-founder Joyce Murray incorporated in 1979, their tree planting business grew quickly too, transforming the world of environmental entrepreneurship along the way.




Since then, thousands of Brinkman workers have planted over 1 Billion trees from Woss, BC to Timmins, Ontario.

We have learned that planting trees is no longer an investment in the distant future but part of the cost of cutting timber today. Thanks to Brinkman best practices, the forests we plant now are healthier than ever - ensuring a better quality yield the next time. That’s sustainability in action.



Success in the field means success for our crews. Brinkman has provided safe, rewarding employment to thousands of workers over the decades. Season after season, we're proud to welcome back the most motivated planters in North America – true forest athletes.



Today Brinkman Reforestation Ltd is known for delivering a professional and quality service for our clients. We do this by creating a safe and productive environment where our planters want to come back year after year. They know that they will earn more money because our contracts are run expertly and efficiently. We also provide quality camps, excellent food, and a fun atmosphere. Our award-winning safety sets us apart from our competitors across Canada.