Brinkman continually strives to top level training and certifying to remain at the forefront of safety standards and innovation in the forest industry. 

We take your safety seriously:

  • we have a full-time O.H.& S. Coordinator

  • our staff are required to have a Standard First Aid Certificate;

  • our camps have a First Aid Attendant, and an O.H.& S. Administrator, 2 Planter Safety Representatives who sit on the Joint Health & Safety Committee;

  • our Emergency Response Program is evaluated and updated annually; and is responsive to observations and feedback from field-level workers;

  • our drivers are required to complete our Designated Driver Program;

  • our Safety Program as a whole is formally evaluated on an annual basis, using provincially-mandated audit standards.

What else?

We prioritize reasonable and smart work hours, safe equipment and drivers, thorough training and a healthy camp environment. Dedicated full-time staff focus on ensuring that our systems work in the field.

Management Certifications

Our mangement are trained in the following safety certifications as needed:

  • Food Safe Level 1 and 2

  • OFA Level 1

  • OFA Level 2

  • OFA Level 3


  • S-100 (Fire Suppression)

  • Bear Aware

  • Industrial Avalanche Safety

  • Quad Training

  • Resource Road Driving

  • Wild Life Danger Tree

  • Boat Safety

  • H2S (sour gas)

  • Incident Investigation

  • JOHSC functions

  • Propane handling

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods