Where Can You Tree Plant?

We operate tree planting camps across Canada - in BC, Alberta and Ontario.


Coastal British Columbia

Coastal BC is the ideal place for veteran planters to get into top shape for the interior season while making good money and visiting some incredible places in the process. The terrain is often very demanding, and the quality requirements can be exacting - with higher prices accordingly. Given these characteristics, our Coastal crews consist of some of the most experienced planters in the country, and we prefer applicants have at least several years of experience in the BC Interior before tackling the slopes with us.

We access worksites on the North and Central Coast frequently by boat or helicopter with crews staying in logging camps and barges, resorts and fishing camps, or mobile marine camps. Brinkman is one of a select few outfits with the personnel, infrastructure, and expertise to succeed in this remote region. The South Coast is generally accessible by truck and is more often based out of motels or tent camps. Crew sizes across the Coast are typically small; most often 12 or 18 and rarely up to 30. 

The Coastal spring plant starts between mid-February and early March and can last into June. Most of the work is done throughout March and April to dovetail with our Interior projects as the crews follow the melting snow eastward. The fall plant usually starts mid August and can continue well into October. 

As all our Coastal Supervisors also manage Interior projects, planters can potentially double the length and earnings of their normal season with Brinkman by planting on the Coast. 

For more information on Coastal work contact:

Brian Beaudry, BC Coastal Coordinator



interior British columbia

Our BC interior work is composed of very well paid, reliable projects that we have been planting for years, and in some cases, decades. We operate in much of the Interior but the majority of our work is in the Kootenays, Southern Cariboo, Okanagan, Prince George and the Northwest. This diversity of regions allows our planters to build the best seasons for themselves.

  • Our camps have very high return rates for staff and planters.

  • We work out of smaller tent camps ( ~27-45 person), which reduces the number of camp moves, builds a tight-knit camp culture and ultimately increases earning potential for planters.

  • Our projects are often near the main centres, which benefits days off and ease of getting to and from projects.

Our BC Interior work occurs mostly between mid-April and July 31st but we often have season extenders into August and fall plants in September and October. Brinkman also operates in Alberta, which provides even more opportunities for our workforce to increase work days.

For more information on Interior work contact:

Matt Robertson, BC Operations Manager


John Beaton, BC Regional Manager


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Brinkman has been successfully operating in Alberta for many years in a variety of silviculture activities. This extensive experience helps us efficiently tackle the varied conditions of the Alberta landscape. From flat ground and trenches to high-lead slopes; from gumbo to heli-access, we have seen it all. Our supervisors and staff are always able to mitigate the project’s complexities for their planters – which keeps productivity and earnings high.

Most of the work we complete in Alberta is direct award – and in these trying times has not been subject to competitive bidding (and therefore the necessary lowering of payouts to our planters). Our industry-leading reputation and wide access to the market provide premium prices and a long steady season to our employees. In most cases, our payouts have increased over last years. Planter earnings remain a top priority (along with safety) for Brinkman, and we are proud of our high payouts and high earnings.

The main planting season runs from May until the end of July in Alberta. You must be available to work the entire season – particularly if you are inexperienced. Our crews are typically comprised of 80% experienced planters – and highly experienced staff.

All our Alberta projects are within three hours of Edmonton. Whether in the foothills or on flat ground – the Miette Hot Springs and Jasper are just a short drive away from all. We have lots of trees, great clients, experienced planters, and amazing staff to make your Alberta experience a very lucrative, safe, and fun time. If you are ready for a really long season (it always seems to be a few days longer than people can handle) in great camps, apply now!

For more information about working in Alberta contact:

Judi Tetro, Chief Operating Officer




Brinkman began working in Ontario in 1982 and has spearheaded the growth and the diversification of the Ontario silviculture industry. Today, Brinkman operates offices out of Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Dryden and the GTA. We plant between 15 and 20 million trees in Ontario every year.

The Ontario division is a well-established and diversified silviculture service provider. We work throughout the province – both in Northern and Southern Ontario. Although planting remains our core activity, we also carry out a variety of brushing, thinning, surveying, slash pile burning, herbicide application, fire camp and restoration projects that continue into late November.

Traditionally, Ontario has hired more inexperienced planters than Alberta and BC. Although tree prices in Ontario are sometimes marginally lower than Alberta and BC, the quality specifications and the terrain are often more manageable in Ontario – especially for the first year planter. Basically, it is easier to plant a tree so you can get up to speed faster and make every day count – which is important in seasonal work. We have also created a program which efficiently and effectively trains our first year planters and gets them up to speed within 10 days.

The main planting season in northern Ontario runs from May 1st until July 1st. If you are only available to work for these two months because of a summer commitment, northern Ontario is probably the best place for you to work. For those of you who prefer to plant in Ontario but want to work beyond May and June, we are often able to offer work in Alberta for July, and work on our August contracts in Ontario.

Brinkman also works in Southern Ontario with long term clients on both public and private land. This work involves a mix of planting and herbicide application. The length of season is runs from May though to July. This work allows workers to stay closer to home but is not a typical tree planting experience. You are generally working out of motels not bush camps.

For more information on working in Ontario contact:

Neil Whan, Ontario Regional Manager


Mike Hayes, Southern Ontario Regional Supervisor