Award-Winning Program

Brinkman’s operations have long been certified by various provincial, industry-governing safety bodies. In fact, we were amongst the first companies in each province to do so, and we have maintained our position as industry leaders in this regard. We are proud that our commitment to safety has resulted in the following formal industry recognition:

Alberta: since 1999, we were one of the first companies to get our accreditation with the Alberta Forest Product Association’s Partners in Injury Reduction program.

Ontario: since 2002, we have been members of the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board-sponsored Workplace Safety North Advantage Group program. In 2019, Brinkman Ontario was awarded the President’s Award from Workplace Safety North for safety program excellence.

BC: since 2007, we have held the BC Forest Safety Council’s Safe Company Certification.

These commitments ensure not only that our Occupational Health and Safety Program is approved by the relevant provincial worker safety regulatory body, but also that we are continually improving and keeping up-to-date with changing safety requirements. Our worksites are assessed regularly for hazards, our workers are well trained, our camps and equipment are regularly inspected, and our management-worker communication protocols are both well-established and always adapting and improving.